The Balcan Emergency Life Line

B.E.L.L. Applications

Used by Lifeguards and those responsible for others (such as in schools) Because the balcan Emergency Life Line - BELL - can be supplied with their special waist belt they are ideal for use by all types of lifeguards to ensure they have a 40m rescue line as readily available for throwing as for tying to anyone attempting a wading or swimming rescue wherever an emergency occurs. They are therefore just as useful for everyone responsible for others and, because of being so compact, should be included without fail in all emergency lifesaving kits, because in most emergencies they are likely to prove more useful!

Novel approach to provision of lifesaving equipment along seafronts

Traditionally, lifesaving equipment has always been mounted statically along the seafront so has not only been subject to vandalism but has not been close to where emergencies occur across the beach. The Balcan Emergency Life Line - BELL - allows a completely new approach to be taken to this problem. For many years North Norfolk District Council at Cromer issued BELL rescue lines to ice cream concessionaires and deckchair attendants on beaches and to private houses, shops and restaurants along the seafront. As a result numerous successful rescues were achieved and the equipment was not vandalized. Their annual budget was spent instead on extending their provision of lifesaving equipment along the coast.

Ice and mud rescue

Balcan Emergency Life lines - BELLs - are ideal for skittling across ice directly to a victim and for throwing to anyone stranded in mud. Once direct contact has been made, it is much easier to work out a rescue strategy.

Family Use

Whatever outdoor activity, on or near water, a Balcan Emergency Life Line - BELL - can ensure wherever an emergency occurs, the most versatile lifesaving equipment is readily available because it can be carried in a pocket or picnic basket as easily as any sports bag. And, of course, in the family car and boat!



Typical Balcan Emergency Life Line installation in the back of any family vehicle