The Balcan Emergency Life Line

How is the B.E.L.L. used?

To use the Balcan Emergency Life Line (BELL), the blue cap is removed and the grip held whilst a few feet of line are pulled out. The capsule is then thrown over or under arm towards and past the victim who either grabs the capsule or the line whilst being hauled to safety. The breaking strength of the emergency rescue line is 260lbs (118kgs) which is 10lbs (4.5kgs) stronger and 32ft (9.6m) longer than the 100ft (30m) internationally specified for the Quoit & Line fitted in liferafts and lifeboats, to which the Dunlop Report of April 1975 confirmed it was vastly superior because of reach, accuracy and re-use.

A unique feature of the Balcan Emergency Life Line (BELL) is the 22" (56cm) long FLIKSTIK which can be used to hurl the capsule further than can often be achieved by throwing. It can also hurl the BELL life line over roofs and onto ledges up to 10m high. In use, one end of the FLIKSTIK is pushed firmly into the mouth of the stock of the capsule which is then hurled off with an easy overarm flicking action from back to front.