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Models of the Balcan Emergency Life Line - B.E.L.L.

B.E.L.L Pro-   The original life line in the Balcan Emergency Life Line Range.  Ideal for taking everywhere and supplied with mounting clip.  This unit should be used when there is a risk to the line being damaged during a rescue, e.g. pulling in over rocks.  Sealed professional model containing 40 metres of line. It is the most compact and weighs 6ozs / 170 gms. Please note this is a single use line and cannot be repacked.




B.E.L.L RP - The B.E.L.L. Repackable version weighs 8 oz / 226gms & contains 40 metres of line with a breaking strain of 118Kg (260lbs). Anyone can repack reliably in 10 -15 minutes! This model is the most popular in the Balcan Emergency Life Line Range.  Balcan offer a repacking service for this unit if required - contact for more information.

Special Online Price £55.00


B.E.L.L 25M - The B.E.L.L.25RP is the new shorter repackable verion of the B.E.L.L RP containing 25 metres of line.  Proving very popular with families and those who holiday or play near water.  The same size as the BELLRP but in bright yellow.  A must for every family for picnics or trips to the beach, lakes or rivers.

Special Online Price £29.95



Also available:

Balcan Emergency Life Line webbing belt - slide the BELL into the belt loop and carry it with you at all times.  Ideal for beach holidays when you are down by trhe water's edge.



We are pleased to provide the following link to .  A new startup providing high quality paracord products.  We feel these compliment the Balcan Emergency Life Line by being something which can be worn by everyone, providing that emergency length of cord when needed.