The Balcan Emergency Life Line

Balcan Life Line - Tried and Tested

By Cmdr C Thomson - Director, National Coastal Rescue Services Centre - 30 Oct 1973

The BELL is the first practical throwing aid which anyone can use with accuracy underarm up to 20yds (18m) distance. Once thrown, the line pays out easily without snagging. The weight of the BELL is in the line - the further it travels the lighter it becomes, so there will be no damage to the victim should it hit them. It can be thrown into the wind with accuracy over 45ft (14m).

Conclusion - recommended to all services concerned with safety both inland and at sea as an immediate contact between victim and crew, whatever the conditions.

By Mr E W Marshall - Vice-Chairman, Life Guard Corps - 2 Dec 1973

Tests were carried out in a gravel pit by the Lincolnshire Constabulary Sub-Aqua Division, dressed in wet suits with weight belts and un-inflated life jackets. All the team could throw the BELL 30yds (28m) every time within 4ft of the subject. Used with the FLIKSTIK it could be hurled 35yds (32m). With practice, greater distances were achieved with both methods of use. Regarding recovery of subject, it was very easy to pull them in. Eventually six persons were pulled to the bank without breaking the line.

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