The Balcan Emergency Life Line

Unexpected Uses and Rescues

  • The rescue of 2 men stranded 200yds above Niagara Falls when all else failed.
  • Regular use by RAF Mountain Rescue at Losiemouth for cliff rescues and other purposes.
  • Fitted to Snowcats and other vehicles of British Antarctic Survey.
  • Twenty stainless steel cabinets containing BELLs mounted on a 20ft platform of the Piper Alpha Oil Rig in the North Sea achieved numerous rescues before stand-off vessels could reach them.
  • The anti-vandal BELL stain on the hands of two young boys who had severely vandalised a pier on the Isle of Wight ensured they were apprehended. Two others reported to their local police station at St Andrews when they were unable to remove the stain from their hands! Another youth was identified with stain on his T-shirt!
  • Clipped to bicycle of teacher coaching pupils rowing on the Clyde, it is often used to reach and rescue them.