The Balcan Emergency Life Line

Balcan Emergency Life Line Facts

The Balcan Emergency life Line - B.E.L.L.-outperforms all other traditionalwater resue devices. 

The Balcan Emergency Life Line is capable of being thrown up to 40 metres (dependent on model) with accurancy in a force 4 wind.  This distance clearly outperforms the traditional life buoy and throwbag which is only capable of reaching 10-15 metres and not with any accuracy.

FACT: If you are at risk of drowning more than 15 metres away from land, then a life buoy, or throwbag is probably of no use. 

The Balcan life line is designed to be thrown overarm whereas a throwbag and lifebuoy are designed to be lobbed underarm.  

FACT: In a resue at Niagara Falls the Balcan Emergency Life Line was used as the life line to make contact with troubled students, whose barrel had broken up.  Without the BELL the two students would have drowned.

FACT: The Balcan Emergency life Line is designed and fully manufactured in Britain by Balcan.