Balcan Bottle & Vial Crusher



The problems of disposing of bottles and vials are not only the volume they fill in waste bins, but often the way in which their liquid contents can require them to be disposed of more expensively than if they were empty! e.g. radioactive cocktails, toxic or volatile liquids. Needless expense is also incurred because more often than not the amount of liquid in the container is very much less than its actual capacity.


Some laboratories recognise this fact and spend much valuable time having containers emptied manually in the belief that overall they are achieving economies! Often the liquid contents are so hazardous they cause headaches, sickness or both and are recognised to have long term health implications. You have only to read the labels on the bottles! We have also heard of claims about RSI!

Since 1976 Balcan has developed a range of bottle and vial crushers and plastic vial splitters specifically designed for their purpose. In designing these vial crushers we have taken into account the problems caused by the variety of the liquid contents of containers and the way excessive aerosols can so easily be generated by fast operating speeds which we believe are unnecessary.

We are also aware it is essential that whole containers should not be able to pass through a machine unbroken.

All bottle crushers, vial crushers and vial splitters are therefore manually or pneumatically operated. This, together with fabrication throughout in stainless steel, reduces risks of sparks and other hazards associated with electric operation. These methods of operation combined with the unique designs of the crushing and splitting mechanisms ensure the minimum generation of aerosols and that the machines do not become clogged by the variety of metal, plastic or rubber closures fitted on containers.