Balcan Bottle & Vial Crusher

Balcan Mk1 Bottle Crusher - 100ml to 4.5L

The Balcan Mark 1 Bottle Crusher

The drum lids which enable the Mk 1 to be mounted directly onto various sized drumsThe Mk 1 complete with trolley and debris drawer

The safe and economical way to break and empty all unwanted bottles from 165mm (6½") diameter down to 100ml sizes.

Wall, bench, drum or trolley mounted, this bottle crusher is intended to accept individual full or empty bottles whatever their type of closure just as quickly as they can be fed into it - about 400 per hour. A simple pull on the operating handle releases the spring loaded hammer mechanism. As the bottle is smashed, the handle presses down against the boss on the lid to prevent any explosive force from a bursting bottle causing it to open. Both the debris and liquid discharge through the open base under which a bin can be fitted.

This bottle crusher is the ideal way to prevent the reuse of bottles and achieves an 80% reduction of waste and a considerable saving in costs of disposal. When fitted on our trolley complete with a drawer, it allows liquids to be separated and drained from the debris. When mounted on our special drum covers, debris can be discharged directly into a drum to overcome the need for further handling.

Clients tell us that instead of paying to have skip loads of bottles taken away, the broken glass cullet is now collected FOC!