Balcan Bottle & Vial Crusher

Mark 3 - Vial Cutter

The Balcan Mark 3 Plastic Vial Splitter

The new automatic hopper loaded Mk 3 as supplied to both Antwerp University and St. Georges Hospital Medical School to replace their original machines supplied in 1982.

Now hopper loaded and fully automatic!

The Mark 3 vial crusher is designed to split in half scintillation vials of all sizes containing all types of cocktails so they can be economically, quickly and safely emptied and their liquids retrieved for proper disposal.

This new design can also be adapted and modified to accept other sizes of bottles and vials that require to be emptied and destroyed in this way.

The unique feeding system allows vials to be loaded directly into the hopper from where they are fed individually to the cutting blade.

Once loaded, the whole operation is automatic, separating the plastic debris into a bin and the cocktail into a suitable drum. When the hopper has emptied, the operation shuts off. This allows staff to leave this model unattended.

Pneumatically operated so it can be used with corrosive volatile radioactive liquids as well as more modern aqueous based biodegradable types, this new design overcomes the previous labour intensiveness of loading vials into cassettes. The hopper accepts only one size of vial - mini or maxi - at a loading but takes less than 2 minutes to adjust for each size.

The inside of the Mk 3

The unique, new, simple cutting action also ensures the minimum generation of aerosols and noise so the machine, which is extremely compact, can be used in or out of doors where people work.

Clients who bought and used our original design vial crusher in the 1980's have since installed this new model. They have explained that whilst they were able to achieve considerable economies with the first machine, the new design has paid for itself within the first year of purchase because of the reduction of the labour needed to use it and the savings in the ever-increasing costs of disposal of waste whole vials.

Loading whole vials into drums for disposal may be convenient but compared with the vast savings of several hundred per cent to be achieved by emptying vials and paying only for the scintillant to be disposed of, it is vastly expensive! However, emptying them manually is extremely slow, inefficient and recognised to be hazardous to health.

It is claimed that aqueous based biodegradable cocktails are cheaper to use because in many cases they can be discharged into drains which would reduce disposal costs to NIL - BUT ONLY IF THEY CAN BE EMPTIED FROM THE VIALS QUICKLY, SAFELY AND ECONOMICALLY!