Lamp Recycling

Mercury Recycling Filter Unit

Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems and lamp crushers use extensive filtration for phosphor powder and mercury vapours.  Typical mercury emissions are zero.

New Mercury Filter Unit

Lamp crushing and lamp recycling with Balcan means your lights will be able to burn for longer.

Users of Balcan Lamp crushers, who appreciate the benefits of crushing waste lamps, by minimising the waste and removing the inherent danger of storing these lamps, can opt for the Balcan filter unit for use on our range of lamp crushers. This allows the lamp crusher to crush mercury gas discharge lamps & bulbs of all kinds dry, without the need for water. The mercury lamp debris can then be processed through our lamp recycling plant which we has been on stream since 2002.

The filter unit comprises of a powerful extractor fan which mounts over a hole in the side of the crusher. This extracts the hazardous mercury powder and mercury vapours generated during the lamp crushing operation and, having filtered them out, releases the cleaned air to atmosphere.

Running costs of this system remain the same as for the previous SOAKUP Sack System, insomuch as the pack of twenty sacks will be supplied with a filter that will require to be replaced each time more sacks are ordered.

As landfill is illegal for the Hazardous mercury lamps & bulbs, the Balcan Lamp crusher c/w mercury filtration kit is one of the most cost effective method of having your mercury lamps recycled.

Re:The future use of lamp crushers

There has been a certain amount of misinformation put out about the future use of lamp crushers and recycling. There is NO legislation banning the use of lamp crushers, all that is needed is a simple exemption from the Environment Agency. Balcan will be pleased to help clients with this if necessary.

Competitors are concerned about lamp crushers as their lamp recycling plants will only accept whole and unbroken lamps, unless they invest and adapt them to accept crushed lamps. Balcan designed their plant to accept both whole and crushed lamps, so existing and new clients can continue to make good use of their lamp crushers. This is a particularly important matter where storage and vandalism of lamps is a problem and where there is a recognised risk they can be used as a weapon such as in prisons.

Pre-crushing fluorescent lamps has the recognised benefit that 4-5 times the amount of crushed lamps can be carried in a vehicle, hence 4-5 times less fuel is used. Lamp recycling is not just about recycling the product, it is a total package protecting the environment as well.

Balcan manufacture the widest range of models of lamp crushers for all types of mercury & sodium lamps to meet all needs. Our electrically operated lamp crusher accepts lamps up to 4½" diameter or handfuls of fluorescent tubes as quickly as they can be loaded and has a capacity in excess of 1,500 fluorescent tubes per hour, so there is no waste of time processing your lamps.