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Balcan Lamp Recycling System - Lamp Recycling, Disposal & Lampcrushers - Balcan
Lamp Recycling

Lamp Recycling Systems

Balcan lamp recycling systems ar ethe system of choice in the USA.  Designed by a lamp recycler for a lamp recycler.  Low maintenance costs, modular systems, volumes upto 12,000 per hour.  Lamp recycling systems at their best.

Balcan have a fully licenced lamp recycling facility and supplier manuafacturers e.g. Philips Lighting.

Lamp Recycling Plant

Visit our new site and learn more about how the Balcan business model works. Here you will find how to contact us, watch videos and learn how you can make a business using the Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems.

Balcan's Lamp & Bulb Recycling Systems

Our Queen's Award winning fluorescent tube, lamp & bulb recycling system designed and manufactured by Balcan, allows us to offer you the complete lamp recycling service to accept either whole or crushed lamps - to comply with WEEE regulations. Our Queen's Award winning fluorescent tube, lamp & bulb recycling facility produces some of the cleanest glass possible and is considered to be the cleanest in the UK and one of the cleanest in Europe.

As well as this mercury lamp recycling service, Balcan continues to manufacture and service their range of fluorescent tube & sodium lamp crushers and offers their renowned On-Site CompleteCrush & Lamp Recycling service with all waste lamps being processed through our lamp recycling plant.

How The Balcan Lamp Recycling System Works.

With all fluorescent tube and mercury lamp recycling plants, lamps need to be crushed before they can be further processed. The Balcan lamp recycling system has been designed to accept both whole and precrushed lamps of all kinds and sizes, which gives us the advantage over those lamp recycling plant manufacturers.

Once crushed, the lamp debris is fed into a uniquely designed agitator unit that loosens the mercury bearing phosphor powder, adhering to the glass.

During this process, the mercury bearing dusty air generated inside the unit, is continually drawn off to a filter unit that removes and collects the powder. Air exhausted from this filter is then further cleaned by passing through another larger and highly sophisticated filter, which removes the last traces of mercury vapour and other impurities before it is allowed to vent to atmosphere as clean air.

Meanwhile, cleaned recycled glass debris that constantly discharges from the agitator unit is then separated into its glass and metal/aluminum fractions, by passing over a powerful magnet from where it is collectLamp crushing and bulb recycling with Balcan means your lights will be able to burn for longer. Users of Balcan Lamp crushers, who appreciate the benefits of crushing waste lamps, by minimising the waste and removing the inherent danger of storing these lamps, can opt for the Balcan filter unit for use on our range of lamp crushers. This allows the lamp crusher to crush mercury gas discharge lamps & bulbs of all kinds dry, without the need for water. The mercury lamp debris can then be processed through our lamp recycling plant which we has been on stream since 2002. The filter unit comprises of a powerful extractor fan which mounts over a hole in the side of the crusher. This extracts the hazardous mercury powder and mercury vapours generated during the lamp crushing operation and, having filtered them out, releases the cleaned air to atmosphere. Running costs of this system remain the same as for the previous SOAKUP Sack System, insomuch as the pack of twenty sacks will be supplied with a filter that will require to be replaced each time more sacks are ordered. As landfill is illegal for the Hazardous mercury lamps & bulbs, the Balcan Lamp crusher c/w mercury filtration kit is one of the most cost effective method of having your mercury lamps recycled. ed into suitable containers ready for distribution to suitable markets.

The phosphor powder, which contains the mercury element of the gas discharge lamps, is stored in UN approved drums before dispatch to a highly reputable company who specialise in the recovery and recycling of mercury. Balcan believe the best economies are achieved by employing this third party who handle this type of material in great quantities, rather than undertaking this expensive and hazardous process ourselves.

The Advantages Of Using Balcan

  • CompleteCrush on-site lamp crushing and recycling - the one-stop shop for lamp recycling to suit all needs.
  • Fully documented processes, compliant with current waste legislation.
  • A fully auditable system - aiding compliance with Duty of Care, COSHH and ISO14000, Hazardous Waste & WEEE Directive
  • A lamp recycling service for all types of lamps. Including broken lamps.
  • Kits available for existing lamp crushers to allow the crushed lamps to be recycled by Balcan
  • National coverage with regular, reliable and efficient service.
  • The advantage of NOT being tied into contracts (unless specifically requested by yourselves). Visits are carried out at YOUR convenience and what we collect and process is what you pay for!
  • Prices quoted include collection, transport, processing & documentation fees in line will all current legislation.
  • The supply of safe, specifically designed on-site lamp storage containers.
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable workforce.
  • Unique, Queen's Award winning, mercury lamp & bulb recycling plant - designed and manufactured by Balcan, the pioneers of lamp disposal machinery since 1980.
  • An ISO9001: 2000 registered company - UKAS approved
  • Designers & Manufacturers of the first lamp crushers complying with stringent HSE recommendations - the FSL range.
  • One of the largest UK Lamp Recyclers using the latest Balcan mercury lamp & cfl bulb recycling technology.
  • Fully approved as a supplier to Recolight.

BALCAN - Sound advice and a solution to all lamp disposal & recycling needs!

For more information and advice, please contact our offices where specialist staff, are ready to help you.