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When storing or transporting different mercury containing lamps and mercury bulbs, it is important to make certain breakages and mercury emissions to atmosphere are kept to an absolute minimum.

Balcan Lamp Storage Containers

Balcan Lamp Recycling offers the widest range of waste fluorescent lamp & mercury bulb storage containers available. Designed to suit all needs as it is no longer acceptable to allow these mercury lamps to be dumped unprotected and haphazardly on the floor or against a wall with the consequential risks of injury or pollution of the surrounding area should some become broken.  Using the Balcan Lamp Storage containers gives the best change to achieve 100% lamp recycling. 


  • A convenient and easy way of storing waste lamps, creating a designateded area.
  • Robust construction allows them to be used outside without being effected by the weather.
  • Mounted on Metal runners depending on model.
  • All units are fabricated in red epoxy coated mild steel

There are a number of lampbank waste lamp storage containers to choose from. Please contact Balcan Lamp Recycling at 01507 528500 to discuss all the options and for full information and photos.

Examples of Lamp Recycling Storage Containers:


Lamp Bank 4000

Lamp Bank 400

Vertical Storage for all lengths of fluorescent tubes.
Measuring 1m x 1m provides maximum storage with minimum footprint. Ideally, these lampbanks should be sited inside or undercover and are particularly suited for those companies where space is at a premium.

Lockable Lampbank

Lockable Lampbank
  • The convenient and easy way of storing waste lamps either sleeved or unsleeved.
  • For companies who need to securely store waste lamps to prevent contamination of the surrounding area (e.g food factories) or companies whose premises are not secure.


  • Lampbank VentsVented either end to help reduce the build-up of vapours, should a lamp be broken.
  • Hinged and lockable lid mounted on runners to allow easy movement from one area to another.
  • Accepts up to 1200 slim-line 6ft tubes, depending on model.
  • Fabricated in red epoxy coated mild steel allowing it to be used both inside and out.


Trolley for ease of transportation
  • Manufactured in extruded polythene with an internal liner.
  • Plugged at one end, with a firm push fit cover at the other.
  • Supplied in various lengths with a 300mm internal diameter
  • Each tube will hold approx. minimum 100 slimline lamps

The Balcan LampTube is an excellent lamp storage solution for:

Companies who generating small quantities fluorescent tubes, or other waste lamps.

Companies where there is virtually no spare space for storage, particularly in cities, but who still generated reasonable quantities of waste lamps. LampTubes can be stored vertically.

Electrical contractors who have an office, or store to relamp.

Large companies who relamp a particular area and then take the lamps to a central storage container.

The LampTube Lamp Recycling Options

Option One - Rolling Option
Supply Balcan with an order number and you will receive 2 tubes. Once they are full, contact Balcan and we will arrange to come and empty them or collect them, and supply all the waste transfer notes to ISO 14001. If you wish to keep your tubes, simply let us have another order number.

Option Two - Purchase option
Purchase tubes for your staff and clients. Once they are full, collect all the tubes to a central point and Balcan will visit your site and crush all the lamps on site, leaving you with the empty tubes to be refilled. The cost for disposal is variable and depends on the quantity of lamps to be disposed of.
Discounts available on multiple pairs of tubes.