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Lamp Recycling - Benefits

Balcan offer the most comprehensive lamp recycling service in the UK. 

Why choose Balcan?

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Balcan remain a world leader in safe fluorescent tube and other mercury lamp recycling and can provide a fully in-house service. They are BS ISO 9001/2008 accredited, a member of SafeContractor and are the only fluorescent tube & mercury lamp recycler to have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise.  Balcan Lamp Recycling offers 100% lamp recycling using the latest state of the art Balcan Lamp Recycling System.  Lamp Recycling systems are available for purchase, please contact Balcan if you are interested in investing in a Balcan Lamp Recycling System.

All Balcan lamp recycling routes are fully traceable and all recycled products have markets.

The advantage of the Balcan Lamp Recycling System, is by using, or utilizing one of their fluorescent tube & lamp crushers means you are being kinder to the environment. The lamp crushers were developed with advice from the HSE and have always controlled emissions of mercury to atmosphere. Controlled lamp crushing is far safer than companies who only collect large containers full of whole lamps. These containers do not provide any cushioning for the lamps and it is quite common for an average of 3% of lamps to break inside (30 in every 1000). The result of this can lead to uncontrolled emissions of mercury vapour to atmosphere and contamination of people. Not only this, but transporting whole fluorescent tubes and lamps around the country means transporting more air than solids and uses valuable fossil fuels.

Balcan lamp crushers safely collect the crushed mercury lamp debris in heavy duty sacks, or drums. All mercury vapour emissions are controlled through filtration. These are then transported to their fully licenced lamp recycling facility, one of the largest lamp recycling facilities in the UK. They are then processed and the recycled products distributed. The Balcan lamp recycling facility is considered to be one of the cleanest lamp recycling facilities in Europe and sets the industry standard for cleanliness.

Balcan fluorescent lamp crushers have a 30+ year proven track record and many companies prefer to see lamps pre-crushed prior to transport.

Accreditied supplier to Recolight.

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