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Waste Lamp Disposal - FAQs

  • How has legislation changed regarding lamp disposal?
  • How will this affect our current lamp disposal methods?
  • Can I still landfill fluorescent tubes and other waste lamps?
  • Do I have to recycle?

Balcan aim to give the answers!

If you currently have waste mercury lamps, Balcan are able to recycle these. Our unique lamp recycling service and system allows us to recycle 100% of the lamps we crush or collect.

Do I have to recycle my fluorescent tubes and other waste lamps?

It is now virtually impossible to landfill seperately collected mercury bearing lamps and therefore the only other option is, indeed, lamp recycling. Most landfills will not accept old fluorescent tubes or other mercury bearing lamps.  If fact since the introduction of the WEEE Directive it is much easier to have all your lamps including light bulbs recycled.

Is there legislation forcing lamp recycling?

Yes. The WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).  Lamps fall under a catagory in the WEEE Directive of Gas Discharge Lamps with a code of 20 01 21.  They are hazardous in any quantity.  The directive has brought in compliance schemes who are the middle man in producer responsibility. 

What is the waste classification for fluorescent tubes?

Fluorescent tubes and other gas discharge lamps containing mercury are classed as Hazardous (EWC code 20 01 21).

Do Balcan recycle waste lamps?

YES. Balcan, designed and manufactured their own lamp bulb recycling plant. Lamp recycling is the only disposal route for waste lamps of all types. Our lamp recycling system has been specifically designed to allow us to be able to accept whole or crushed fluorescent tubes and we offer virtually 100% recycling with markets for all the by products, ie. glass, end caps & mercury bearing powder. The Balcan Lamp Recycling facility produces some of the cleanest glass possible and is considered to be one of the cleanest facilities in Europe. We always aim to set the industry standard.  Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems are becoming the system of choice throughout the USA with some major lamp recylers investing in the equipment.  Balcan will tailior their lamp reycling

Do Balcan still landfill?

NO. Balcan do not offer this option to their clients. Since the introduction of the Landfill Directive and the WEEE Directive, recycling is now the only option offered.

Clients who own lamp & bulb crushers can have them converted to allow the debris to be processed through our recycler.