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Fluorescent Tube & Mercury Lamp Crushers For All Types Of Mercury Lamps & Bulbs.  Full Lamp Recycling Systems available.

All existing Balcan lamp crushers can converted to the adopt the Balcan mercury lamp & bulb recycling route.

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Unlike companies who supersede or discontinue equipment, Balcan Lamp Recycling endeavours to ensure their equipment has sustained use and can be adapted to meet clients' needs.

The original Balcan  lamp crushers used a water spray during the crushing process to control the mercury vapour.   However, as the Balcan Lamp & Bulb Recycling System is a dry system (the industry standard), the new mercury lamp & Cfl bulb recycling kit controls the mercury containing dust & mercury vapour emissions by use of extractor fans and filters, to provide a bag, or drum, of dry lamp debris that can be recycled by Balcan.

As long as the Balcan Lamp & Bulb Crusher is in good working order, a mercury lamp recycling filter unit can be added to your machine (a power supply will be required).

New Balcan Lamp & Bulb Crushers sold are automatically supplied with a mercury lamp recycling filter kit (unless specified by the client).

Remember, utilising lamp & bulb crushing offers the following advantages:

  • Fluorescent tubes & other mercury lamps are crushed as they are generated therefore needing less storage space.
  • Once crushed, there is no risk of accidental damage, vandalism or using the lamps as weapons.
  • The resultant mercury debris is stored in clearly labelled sacks, minimising the risk of incorrect disposal.
  • The sacks or drums overcome the risk of pollution from the crushed mercury lamp debris.
  • Utilisation of a lamp crusher still provides the cheapest, most efficient & environmentally friendly lamp disposal method.
  • No uncontrolled mercury emissions to atmosphere that may be associated through transportation of large stills/containers when mercury lamps are unavoidably broken.

Completecrush On-Site Lamp Recycling Service -

Balcan operatives will visit your site, crush the lamps using a Balcan lamp crusher (or collect them whole if necessary) and dispose of the crushed lamps via the Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant. Prices quoted include all necessary Hazardous Waste Transfer Documentation to enable full traceability of your waste.  Free lamp recycling is available in certain cases.

Balcan Lamp Recycling Lamptubes & Lampbanks

A Balcan LampTube is a storage container that can be rented on a rolling option with disposal of the contents included in the price, or purchased outright. Available in a range of sizes they can be stored vertically in corners where space is at a premium.

REMEMBER - Balcan Lamp Recycling also manufactures a comprehensive range of lamp & bulb storage containers to ensure that waste lamps can be stored safely and compactly before being crushed.