Balcan Hypodermic Needle &  Syringe Destructor


Beware of Cheap imitations

We have seen a copy of a Balcan unit which does not perform the way it should. Only Balcan DESTRUCTORS stand the test of time for corrosion and wear. Balcan Hypodermic needle DESTRUCTORS are the original.


The radical simple design of Balcan Hypodermic needle DESTRUCTORS ensures the minimum of manual effort is required to chop most sizes of needles into pieces, whilst with the same action cutting the nib from the syringe to prevent reuse.

Being manually operated they can be used by anyone, anywhere and can destroy needles and syringes at a much faster rate than any other device that accepts singly fed needles. Balcan Hypodermic needle DESTRUCTORS are also strong enough to be able to destroy the blades of some sizes of disposable scalpels.

All Balcan Hypodermic needle DESTRUCTORS are fabricated of a special hardened stainless steel and have an estimated life to destroy 200,000 needles with the minimum of servicing, apart from cleaning.


What users have said about Balcan Hypodermic Needle and Syringe Destructors

We need another DESTRUCTOR. The ones we bought in 1997 are in constant use. They are so much better and easier to use than the previous kinds we had.

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