Balcan Hypodermic Needle &  Syringe Destructor




Standard and MultiPurpose Model 180 x 75 x 165 mms 1.7 kgs
Mini Model mounted on pot 80 x 75 x 110 mms 0.7 kgs

The conclusion of the PATH evaluation of the appropriateness of 9 electrical needle destroyers for use in a developing country setting.

The primary objective of this technical evaluation was to determine if the needle destroyer technology is appropriate for use in a developing country setting. Nine devices were evaluated in terms of function, safety and user considerations.

The results of the evaluation indicate that current needle destroyer technology is not necessarily an appropriate investment for primary health care settings in developing countries because:

  • Frequent need for maintenance and use of consumables to maintain operation make this technology impractical to use in field settings.
  • The possibility of integrating the units into a complete system of management of sharps waste is limited by the following: the amount of time required to perform the procedure, inconsistency or incompleteness of destruction of sharps and swarf containers that are not easy to remove, do not safely contain the remains or do not clearly indicate when full.
  • With frequent operation, the devices often emit smoke, odour, sparks and/or unusual noises - characteristics which may deter users from using the device to destroy needles.
  • Electricity supply does not exist or is not dependable in many countries, so mains power devices will not always be functional, and batteries will not always be recharged.

PATH trials showed that needles were not completely destroyed and there could be between 2-6mm of unburnt stubs protruding from their hubs. The capacity of destroyers was also limited to between 1-3 needles per minute.

Balcan recognises hypodermic needles and syringes remain infected after use and believes it is better to destroy and prevent reuse of both, rather than just the needle. We believe the needle & syringe DESTRUCTOR offers the quickest and most convenient method of achieving this.