Balcan Hypodermic Needle &  Syringe Destructor


What Users Have Said About Balcan Hypodermic Needle & Syringe Destructors

The DESTRUCTOR appears to be the best such device we have seen because it is very robust and simple to use. Being manually operated it has obvious merit for our needs because it is not affected by electrical surges that ruin so much equipment in the countries in which we operate. It cannot fail because of flat batteries. In fact it can be used wherever it is needed.

World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva - October 1998

The WHO sent a Standard model of DESTRUCTOR to be tested and assessed by the Consumers Association in 1999. The CA reported it was very easy to use and, having dropped it onto its four corners, it was still usable. A technician had been able to destroy 150 needles and syringes in 14 minutes.

Our staff in Beirut are evidently pleased with the DESTRUCTORS supplied last year as they have now ordered more!

UNICEF, Copenhagen - March 2001

When are you supplying our order for the new MultiPurpose models - everyone is using the prototype?

J Bowler, MRC, Harwell, Oxon - March 2001

We need another DESTRUCTOR. The ones we bought in 1997 are in constant use. They are so much better and easier to use than the previous kinds we had.

Sister M Petty, X Ray Dept, Guys & St Thomas Hospitals NHS Trust, London - December 1996

We are now using your needle DESTRUCTOR with great confidence. It is easy to use, easy to clean, very effective and safe. We are very satisfied with the equipment and we can recommend it to everyone who needs to dispose safely of used needles or syringes. Thank you for that intelligent concept.

Clinique Medici-Ami, Quebec - August 1997

The 30 DESTRUCTORS we bought in 1997 have been distributed to our clinics overseas and are being used to destroy waste needles and syringes to prevent reuse and facilitate safer disposal.

Dr C Dow, Principal Medical Adviser, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London - March 2001

Non-Medical Use

Syringes are used in quantitative microbiological work at this laboratory and were previously disposed of in sharps containers. Using the DESTRUCTOR, the syringes are discarded in an unusable condition with our general waste and the needle pieces with our waste scrap metal. The DESTRUCTOR was found to be quick and easy to use, eliminated disposal costs and is the method for syringe/needle disposal under Duty of Care considerations.

P Lilley, Site Chemist, Candecca Resources Laboratory, Lincs - May 1997

The DESTRUCTORS save quite a few sharps boxes that we used to buy for the 60 -80 needles we use a day. Once people are shown how to use them there are no problems. We bought the first one 2 - 3 years ago - they are obviously the Rolls Royce of destructors and much better than what we used before.

P Lawrence, Eagle Brewery, Bedford - March 2001

The Effect of Treatment for a Needlestick Unjury!

The DESTRUCTOR was bought because I received a needlestick injury when picking up a sharps box. As a result, I received a course of three injections and was very sick after two of them. It was very unpleasant and it will be years before I know if it was successful.

Mrs M Wilson, Matron, British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association, Blackpool -August 1993

To Prevent Needles Being Used as Weapons

We need the DESTRUCTORS for our surgeons' rooms to prevent the needles and syringes from being used as weapons.

A Constabulary, England - February 2001

We have bought the 20 DESTRUCTORS because some time ago four warders were taken hostage in Dublin by the use of a needle and syringe with blood from an HIV prisoner and we have been concerned to prevent it happening here.

A Prison Hospital, Northern Ireland - March 2001

A Possible Reason Why Not To Buy Destructors!!

Undoubtedly the DESTRUCTOR would save money on disposal costs but it was of necessity very heavy (1.7kgs) and it was felt if it dropped it could cause injury!

Senior Purchasing Office, NHS Supplies, Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield - August 1997